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”Skandinavisk förening för SK686, 8 oktober 2001” or ”Scandinavian Association for SK686, 8th of October 2001” was founded on the 23rd of February 2002 at a meeting with families of the victims of the Milan accident at Radisson SAS Royal Park Hotel in Frösundavik, Solna, Sweden.

The55 initiative for forming the association and gathering the families for the first meeting was taken by Fabienne Jörback.

The goals of the association are

  • To honor the memory of the victims
  • To support and help the families of the victims of the Milan accident.
  • To work for improved aviation safety in order to avoid more accidents.
  • To cooperate with Swedish and foreign associations with the same or similar goals.
  • To find out the whole truth about what happened.

Contact Information

General Information: info@sk686.org
Webmaster: Ingemar Essebro