Till toppen av sidan

News August 2003

Sollentuna August 30

2nd Memorial Day, 8th of October 2003

Hi again, I hope that you all had a really nice summer with plenty of sun and bathing. Those are things that are good for the body and soul, which is good for everyone but all the more to us. Yes, the autumn is closing in, and with it the 8th of October and bad feelings. We announced an invitation from Paolo Pettinaroli on our web site a while ago, but unfortunately only three members have shown interest.

The board has decided not to go down to Milan this year, but we will make sure that there will be a flower arrangement on the Memorial Day from all of us in Scandinavia. Naturally, we will supply information for those of you who want to go to Milan.

For those of you who do not have the opportunity to go, we have booked a restaurant at 6 pm in the Old City in Stockholm called Källaren Aurora. You can take a closer look at http://www.aurora-kallaren.com/ It is a cosy restaurant with several vaulted ceilings where we can get some privacy. To arrange this we need a lot of response from all of you!

Anette and the board