Till toppen av sidan

News February 2003

Hi everybody!

Thanks to all of you who showed up at the annual meeting on the 1st of February. I hope that those of you who were there felt that you got answers to your questions. If not, you can always contact one of the members in the board. We thank you for your continued confidence in us.

New board
On the 11th of February the board appointed the positions in the board as follows;


  • Anette Forsman, chairman
  • Dennis Nordgaard, vice chairman
  • Anna Smith, secretary
  • Ingemar Essebro, cashier
  • Catharina Lindgren, member of the board

We thank those who have resigned and all they contributed with.

Psychological study
The association has been contacted by psychologists and researchers at Kunskapscentrum, Akademiska sjukhuset (the Knowledge center at Uppsala University Hospital) in Uppsala concerning a study on crisis psychology. They are interested in families of the victims of the accident at Linate and would like to map our experiences of e.g. help and support after the accident. The researchers at Kunskapscentrum are cooperating with a group of psychologists in Italy who are performing a corresponding study on the Italian families

Association gathering on Saturday the 3rd of May
We think that it would be nice to arrange another association gathering! We suggest that we do a Öresund Rundt-trip (Öresund roundtrip) (www.skanetrafiken.skane.se) on the 3rd of May. The Öresund Rundt ticket is valid from your closest train station in the Öresund region and back home again. The only condition is that you make a whole roundtrip, i.e. that you take the train in one direction and the ferry between Helsingborg and Helsingör in the other direction. For example, the Danish families could start off in Copenhagen and meet up with the other families in Malmö. Then we would travel together to Helsingör and later down to Copenhagen. Depending on where you start and end the trip you pay either 199 SEK or 249 SEK and the ticket is valid for two days. Children between 6 and 16 years-of-age travel for half the price (until the 30th of June the year he/she turns 16). We suggest that we all visit the art museum Louisiana (www.louisiana.dk), which is situated 35 minutes train trip north of Copenhagen, for a lunch together, and then we can have dinner in Copenhagen during the evening. We will give you more details later.

However we would like you to let us know whether you are interested by the 15th of March at the latest! Contact Anna Smith by phone at No. +46-18-500 958 or +46-70-172 5346 or by E-mail at anna.grynfeld.smith@imbim.uu.se.

The board wishes you all a warm spring.
Anette Forsman