Till toppen av sidan

News February 2004

Hi everybody

A great thanks to those of you who took the time to attend the annual meeting on February the 7th. I hope that those of you who were there felt that you got answers to your questions. We also want to thank you for the continuous trust in the board.

One of the topics that we discussed was the membership fee that the board felt needs to be paid this year and also raised to a higher amount. Yes, it might seem strange, but the reason is that we are going to start to put in adverts in selected newspapers. Adverts that make us passengers start to demand higher security when we take off, fly and land. All these things have to work in order to have a safe flight, but sometimes it feels as if only we, the families of the victims, understand that. An example of such an advert is presented on our website www.sk686.org. At the annual meeting we decided that the membership fee for a single member should be 200 SEK and for a family 300 SEK. We hope that you will find that the purpose is worth the sacrifice and that you want to help us. Please use our Bankgiro No 5388 6198 to pay the fee.

We have now documented the wreckage of SK686 so that it is available on DVD. Each closest relative can get a free copy. If more copies are needed, they can be bought for 100 SEK. Please observe that the DVD must not be distributed to others than the families of the victims.

The board thanks you for your continuous trust in us! After the annual meeting on February the 7th, the board appointed the positions in the board as follows,

Members of the board:

  • Anette Forsman, chairman
  • Dennis Nordgaard, vice chairman
  • Anna Smith, secretary
  • Ingemar Essebro, cashier
  • Catharina Lindgren, member of the board

Best regards
The board, via chairman
Anette Forsman