Till toppen av sidan

News July 2002

Skåne,10th of July 2002


I am in Skåne relaxing (trying anyway). I hope that you also have the opportunity to relax and that all of you have nice weather as well.

I would like to thank all of the contact family members who took the time to send the photos down to Italy. I have now received a confirmation that they have arrived. Mr Paolo Pettinaroli has had some difficulties understanding that we do not have as much impact and influence here in Scandinavia as they have in Italy, but I told him that we are on the move (aren’t we!?). The lunch meeting in the Garden of Rosendal on the 25th of May was very successful, although we did not get the warm sun that we had had for many weeks before, but we warmed each other and had a nice time in one of the greenhouses with a very tasty buffet with food for both young and old. The little ones were playing in the park outside and there were many of them! It means a lot when you see children laugh and play. We had many laughs among the older ones as well, which contributed to the feeling of warmth and enjoyment. Despite the grey skies it felt as if the sun was giving us some warmth. (I think I/we know who created the sun´s warmth.)

On the 14th of September we will meet again, but this time in Gothenburg/Göteborg, hoping that more of us will be able to come. We will talk about the 8th of October since many of us will be in Milan then. We will get back to you regarding information about time and place for the Gothenburg meeting.

We are also happy to tell you that our webpage is almost done. It will contain information about the work of the Board of accident investigation as well as other relevant information. We will also have a link to a page with photographs and a short desription of our loved ones for those families that are interested. We are sending more detailed information to the contact member of the families.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate! Please contact us!

Warm sunny summer hugs,
Anette Forsman