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News July 2003

SOLLENTUNA 11th of July 2003

Hi everybody!

Sometimes, strangely enough, time passes quickly even for me. I have been thinking for a long time that I should write about our trip to Rome on the 13th to 14th of May, but I have not had time to sit down and write until now. Well, they say better late than never, so I hope that you think so too. Not because I am writing, but because the photographs from the meeting are made public (www.sk686.org) which can give you even more memories, since memories are so precious to us!

Well, the trip to Rome was a nice but stressful event. Everything happened so fast and it is not easy to make time for everything. Just imagine us at the hotel when everybody wanted to go downtown for shopping and good Italian food, visit the Colosseum and on top of everything make time for picking up the tickets for the Pope visit between 6 and 8 pm. How were we going to make that? But it worked out, just like so many other things, maybe because we have learnt that everything has to work out. It is possible, even though it is difficult!

The morning after was if possible even more chaotic. It was not easy since there were so many people and everybody had to find their bus to go to the big reception. It was an unusual and big occasion. How often do you watch and listen to the Pope so closely? Well, for me it was the first time. I think that many people do not know that all the groups of people that were announced and blessed by the Pope had been waiting in line for a very long time. We, the families of the victims, got an invitation from the Pope to come and receive his blessing, which is a big thing that we all should feel honoured by. Therefore I do not agree with what the media reported.

After having a good lunch and lots of tasty dessert (at the airport in Rome), that our Italian friends arranged, we got on the buses again. This time to this beautiful place, well, I can not write roundabout because it would not do justice to what I feel for this circle with a beautiful little park and the white doves that were released at ”LARGO LINATE 8 OTTOBRE 2001 PER NON DIMENTICARE”.

I can only hope that all those Italians that work at the airport in Rome always take a look as they pass by or sit in their office and look out, and that they think ”Today I will do my best and more to make sure that such an accident never occurs again!!!”. Well, we can only hope, but such a place outside all airports might be necessary to really make sure that the people working there know what an tremendously important job they have and should do!!!

Try to enjoy a moment now and then, and when it feels difficult, think that we are many people sharing this situation. We have each other, all the families of those 118 beloved people who (maybe) will be waiting for us one day, but who want us to live here and now first!

The board wishes YOU ALL a nice summer,