Till toppen av sidan

News November 2002

Hi everybody!

Now it has been a few weeks since the 8th of October 2002 and since we came home from Milan, ONE year since the Accident. It felt very empty once we came home from the trip, strangely enough more empty than before. I can only describe it as if on the 8th of October 2001 doors were shut behind us, leaving our normal safe life, the life we all chose, with the people we loved and wanted around us to live together with for the rest of our lives. But it did not turn out that way, as we experienced with such DIFFICULTY, and when we stood there one year later on Linate at the helipad, to wait for the time-point that we could not prevent, you felt as TOTALLY HELPLESS as you felt so many times after the Accident. To not be able to turn back time and not to be able to shout STOP do not take off… But there was nothing that we could do. What happened happened and today I think we all know why – NEGLIGENCE- and that does not make it feel easier, the anger is taking its place. It is probably good to get it out of your system, as long as it is aimed at the people who deserve it. So, when the 8th of October 2002 had ended and we were on our way home, it felt as if we all had been forced to pass through another few doors where a new part of life appeared.

Personally, the first year felt like a week and the first week after coming home as a year. Maybe because so many people around me thought that, OK now a year has passed, and then we are expected to be all right. But it takes time and it has to take time. We are all different and process this in the way that feels best for us. Nothing is right or wrong. WE choose the right way for ourselves. But we all know that time does not heal, it only reduces the pain, puts a soft coat over it so that we all learn to live with what has happened. Our loved ones will always be side by side with us, but they must not be in front of us, because then we would not see the PRESENT-LIFE.

Now the association will seriously start working on aviation safety, including of course airport safety!!! So the ones that are involved should look out.

How many of you are interested in meeting in Stockholm to have a Christmas meal in the middle of December? If you, like us in the board, think that this is a good idea, please get back to us as SOON as you can!!!

Life can not be lived in the past and not in the future, so live now!

A big hug to you all,
Anette Forsman