Till toppen av sidan

News September 2002

Hi everybody and thanks for last Saturday!

I hope and think that all of you who joined us at the gathering in Göteborg thought it was fruitful and gave some useful information. Concerning the 8th of October there might be a few things to think about. For you who did not attend the gathering we present the issues that were discussed. The Saturday started when we had all gathered in one of the conference rooms at SAS Radisson. It was nice that members we have not seen before showed up.

The following issues were discussed:

1. Some people were wondering when we would have our next meeting and I think that we probably will arrange something before or around Christmas time, or what do you think? You are welcome to get in touch with me and share your ideas.

2. We would like that as many as possible have a look at our website which now has been finished. We also want to remind you to send in photographs of your loved ones along with some short info (name, age, city and country where they lived, occupation, closest relatives, why he/she was on SK686). From our website we can also find a link to the Italian website. The address to our website: www.sk686.org

3. For those who are interested, the association will arrange a meeting with the Italian chief pathologist who worked in Milan after the accident. I think that it is important to gather all available material, even if we don’t want it right now. There might come a day when we really might need it to get closure and take a step forward. The meeting is of course optional. We will try to arrange the meeting for the evening on the 7th of October. If you have any questions you are welcome to call or mail me.

4. For those of you who wish to go to Linate in the morning, SAS has promised to arrange this. They will also supply flowers that we can leave at the accident site. The only problem would be if we turn out to be over 250 people since we then might not be able to get close to the building. But, all parts of the official program are SAS’ responsibility, not ours!

5. We also talked about the Scandinavian sculpture that will be unveiled in the memorial park and the possibility of ordering miniature scluptures from the artist, see information below.

A member has also expressed a wish for a memorial monument in Scandinavia. What do you think about this? Think about it and please share your opinions and ideas!!

I also want to take the oppurtunity to THANK EVERYBODY who got in touch with me concerning the names for the stones so QUICKLY. It really makes it easier when you can send so many names at the same time down to Italy.

A warm thanks to all of you!

See you in Milan,
Anette Forsman